Ma eisiau fi

Os gwelwch yn dda…ma eisiau fi understand sut i ddeuwd “that I need” - am suddenly blank!

Is it Bo’ fi esiau? Ma bod eisiau fi?!

Alla’i ddim dweud beth dw i’n moyn dweud!

Diolch yn fawr for your help.


Hi Jude,

I believe if you are going to use eisiau for ‘need’ like the Southern course - the eisiau I fi construct is the vehicle.

Whilst in the first half of a sentence this requires you to approach the sentence differently - similar to a ‘rhaid i fi’ sentence - by the time you get to a subordinate clause - after a ‘that’ - you are the right way round already.

So it’s bod eisiau I fi! ( The bod takes on the ‘that’ )

If you were using the more conventional verb structure and, say, angen, as per northern course I think you could use either bo’fi angen or bod angen I fi…this is the area where the two techniques line up, as it were.

I am a beginner however so will watch for more learned answers too!




Yes, @rich has this spot on. If you want ‘that I need’ in the middle of a sentence, it’s “bod eisiau” but what comes next depends on whether you need to do something, or you need a thing.

… that I need to go - …bod eisiau i fi fynd

… that I need a dog - …bod eisiau ci arna i


Diolch Dee,

I’ve always wondered about why sometimes it’s “i fi” and sometimes “arna i” and never thought to ask or look it up.


As an extra piecve of information:

It is correct (though a bit formal) to use the “arna’i” form for doings as well - Mae eisiau arna’i fynd - but not correct to use the “i fi” form for an object, although I’m sure you would be understood, so don’t worry over much.

And just in case it helps, remember that “mae” is just a form of the verb “bod”, so you will usually get away with just swapping mae for bod if you want the bod sentence:

Mae isie i fi fynd - There is a need for me to go
Dwi’n meddwl bod eisiau i fi fynd - I think that there is a need for me to go

Mae cath gyda fe - There is a cat with him
Dywedodd e bod cath gyda fe - He said that there is a cat with him

Mae hi’n bwrw glaw - It is raining
Sai’n gallu credu bod hi’n bwrw glaw – I can’t believe that it is raining

Hope that helps…


Diolch Iestyn,

Yes really helps - feel like something very useful just clicked. One little one on the quote above about the cat and if I changed it a bit to “a need for a cat”.

Would it be “dywedodd e bod isie cath arno fe” or would “dywedodd e bod isie cath gyda fe” be OK as well and would it be the same sort of thing or a bit different?

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Your first instinct is good. …that there is a need for a Cat on him - …bod isie cath arno fe


You guys are all AMAZING!

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.



Hi Rich

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Your explanation is fantastic!

Thank you so much for your help.