Lost in translation

Thanks @petermescall - this is it for me - it’s the pause in trying to remember the word combinations for things like ‘I have’ etc, then suddenly Cat is there saying it for me! I have less trouble remember the more obvious verbs. Anyway, it gives me hope to hear others say they are getting there from a similar position to me - ie in my 40s and always been rubbish at languages!

This is my hope - to be able to just know naturally without thinking too hard about it! It will one day just flow!

Well I had to ask him what ‘gog’ was, with some trepidation, and was told it was equivalent to northerner (phew!) :wink: I guess it’s all relative! I was from Yorkshire, before I was in Bristol and my Geordie friends think I am a southerner…

Anyway, today I did challenge one again, and sailed right through! So yes I have to agree, it does stick even if you think it doesn’t! The listening exercise was… interesting!! I might have been able to pick out a few things :smiley: I am doing a session on my way to or from work each day, so I think I will repeat the first 5 and then press on. Then I have a combo of the scary but effective way to learn, and then a bit of reassuring revision. I’m in IT, so a bit of a tech too like @tatjana - I wonder if it’s just a different sort of brain!?

This is great fun!!! So glad I found this method and forum too!


Exactly what I did and you’ll find it gets much easier!

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Very slang and marks me as southern for using it!

NB Being in my 75th year, I forget things all the time. I am definitely losing mental acuity and have some serious nasty “help, Altzheimer’s!” moments! So, when I can’t keep up with Cat, I am never sure if it’s age or just normal ‘learning process problems’! But even I do notice improvement if I actually do some challenges instead of chatting on here!!


And that’s the magic sauce - neurogenesis is with us for life - it really is a use it or lose it deal - so the more neurological work you do, the more benefits you’ll reap…:slight_smile:

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It’s funny - I used ‘Gog’ to describe my relatives ‘up there’, because that’s how they describe themselves. But then I was warned by someone down here not to say it because people would think I was being rude. Then the same thing happened in reverse for Hwntw for us lot.

One of my friends always talks about going ‘up to Gogs’, for north Wales, which I quite like :slight_smile: