Looking for Skype Partner(s)

Shwmae! I’m currently working my way through the Southern Welsh Level 1 Challenges (I’m at Challenge 20 right now) and I think it’s about time that I actually speak Welsh with someone else, instead of just making up my own conversations. I’ve also done through Lesson 7 of the Southern Course 1. My current plan is to use Saturdays or Sundays as Welsh days, so I’m looking for someone who would be available in the evenings EST to be able to speak with after I spend the mornings/afternoons doing Lessons.

Feel free to reply to this thread or send me a private message if you’re available/would like to speak Welsh with me via Skype.

Diolch yn fawr iawn!


If there is a surplus of people volunteering for this, please can you point one or two of them in my direction, from perhaps end Jan, same reason? Diolch

If there isn’t much response in here, maybe we could stick this in the weekly email, @Deborah-SSi ? :sunny:

Yes, hopefully a few more people will pop in and see this, but I’ll certainly give it a mention next week. This week’s is loaded up to go out tomorrow :smile:

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I received two PMs. One from a southern speaker and one from a northern speaker so I think I’m all set, at least for next weekend. But certainly, for anyone else, having a message about skype partners in the weekly email would be helpful. :smile:


Hi, I’m looking for a Skype partner…I’ve done level one and two and survived a bootcamp…I have let ssiw slide since July due to other commitments but I’m back on the road again …I’m in carmarthenshire so south Wales might be a good fit…

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That’s pretty impressive… :star: :star2: Hope you find someone for Skype… :sunny: