Looking for biggest 'social media' community for Welsh learners/speakers

Or perhaps this forum is the one? I noticed a couple of SSiW on Google+ but I think they might be ghost towns as I used to be involved in various Google+ groups and the whole thing seemed to die. Is Facebook the place? Basically, I’m in Australia [Adelaide] and looking for online groups to follow or participate in, either in the UK or even here or North America etc.


I think this is it, Robin.

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Hello @robinredchest.

The social media similar to Twitter is Clecs and many of us are on there. If you need practice in writing ONLY in Welsh this is definately the place. However it seams that it is not too active these days but anyway. The practice spot is just great as you’re forced to use only Welsh in order to participate (Well, not forced, but we all use only Welsh so I believe there’s no one who wouldn’t).

There are several groups on FB which are quite active.

@elizabeth_jane will know everything about Ausy Skype practice group which has the chats regularly and you can read everything about it on this forum here however you’ve just missed the last chat which was scheduled for yesterday.

You can of course follow the official SSiW acounts on Twitter and Facebook aswell but more or less you’ll find everything you need here on this forum.

If you cruise through the “Meetups/Events” category you might find something suitable for you too. Alternatively at the end of each week’s newsletter which is sent out by @Deborah-SSi there are links to meetups and events however I never read this section that carefully to know are there only events occuring in Wales and wider in UK or are there any links and mentions to some other events elswhere in this World. Everything worth to explore I think.

Happy practicing whatever you decide to do or wherever you decide to join.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


That sounded very foreboding …

Thanks, I’ll take a look at those. I have stalked the Oz Skype a couple of times so far. Is Clecs a dedicated Welsh Twitter/FB clone? I’m trying to sign up as an illiterate, see how I go…

It’s not either clone. It’s made from scratch by @Clecs and if they still are comming around on here they’d probably be glad to answer your potential questions. Alternatively you can check out this - a bit old topic though - which was created at the launch of the network in 2015. Maybe you can find some tips in it even if we don’t discuss matters there anymore.

Another great community is FB community Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg / I’m learning Welsh where many of us are members too, however I don’t know whether you have to be invited inthere or you can just join. I was invited so I can’t possibly know.

I hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tatjana.
It seems that you just apply to join, as with any Facebook group. I’ve just done it. I just had to answer a question in English regarding my level of knowledge of the language (learner/speaker/inbetweeny), so I mentioned SSiW - Bingo, I was a member a few seconds later :slight_smile:

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I started off just ‘joining’ and got asked to answer a question. Nothing hard. Then I got invited anyway, but I think the first question & answer had got me in by then!
EDIT - I see John, above, has already described this process!


Hi Robin, you have found it! Welcome! Have you done any of the Course material yet? :grinning:


Thanks. I’ve gone through the old and new level 1’s and I’m on the level 2 now, but I can’t say I really mastered level 1 properly …