Looking for a partner

Hi, I’m Dr Jim from Llandudno. Week 19 Level 1 - 6 month course.
I’m looking for a partner - not a romantic or life partner, although if you are particularly gorgeous, witty, intelligent, sensitive etc then it could be arranged. No much more mundane, I’m afraid.
Aran is telling me in week 20 that I need to get exchanging sentences with someone. So, if you’re interested perhaps you could respond. I can’t guarantee I’ll see your response though as I still haven’t a clue how this forum thing works. Anyway, here’s hoping

Hi Dr Jim,
I’m at the same level as you and would be happy to partner you as I too am looking for a partner.

Hi Rob,
That’s great.
I’m in Llandudno.
If I can get back to you later today. We can talk about how to move this on.
To be honest, my Welsh is probably better than my skills in doing stuff on this forum.
Speak later

Hi Rob,
I think the link to my sentences is
Although Dee said there was a problem accessing it. I seem to be having difficulty posting stuff.
I’m still waiting for a response to my question to turn me to Green.
Let me know if you are successful and could you send me the link to your sentences.
Hope that makes some sense

Hi again, Rob.
I found your 13 sentences. I was a little thrown by the fact you are doing the South Wales version,
This is what I heard.
Dw i’n moyn ti siarad bach yn arafach
Dw i’n mynd (joyo?) siarad Cymraeg gyda ti
Alla i ddim yn siarad unrhywbeth arall
Dw i isio stopio dweud e
Beth mae isio i ti dweud mawr rhywbeth ddidderol
Dw i ddim moyn gwneud stopio siarad mawr
Dw i’n moyn (moi?_ ymarfer heddiw
Dw i newydd ddechrau i wybod sut i siarad Cymraeg
Dw i wedi anghofio beth ddudest ti nawr
O’n i’n trio dweud (alla i dweud trio?) bach yn arafach
Bo fi (joyo?) siarad Cymraeg mwy
Mae rhaid i mi helpu di os galla i
Hoffwn i ddweud mae’n drwg da fi
My apologies I’m not familiar with the SW constructions


Tried to access your practice withe url you gave but all I got was this message,

This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed


Hi Dr Jim. There is a sgwrs in Siop Lewis every month if you are interested. It’s run by Gwawr who is a tutor from Brifysgol Bangor.
Siop Lewis yn Llandudno ar yr ail ddydd Sadwrn yn y mis, 10.00 - 11.30 am:



Hey, thank you.
I’ll come along to the next one.