Long weekend in Cardiff

Just got back from a long weekend in Cardiff, and as ever, the city and her people were very kind to us.

We popped across to the lovely museum at St Fagans, and heard quite a bit of Welsh being spoken. Caught up with a couple of old friends, and had a couple of conversations in basic Welsh there too, which made me feel better. Hubby got to prove that he can count to ten in Welsh, to much cheers.

All in all, a successful weekend, and I look forward to going back again soon.

Glad you had a successful weekend David, and also that you were able to use your Welsh, Hope your Welsh conversations were exactly the Rut Busting tonic you needed!

It certainly helped give me a little confidence boost. I’m going to whizz through the course 1 challenges starting tomorrow. I need to get back in the Cymraeg saddle.

During the course of the weekend we went to see Nabucco at the Wales Millennium Centre. It was my first time inside the theatre, and wow, what a theatre. Lovely to see the performance with bilingual surtitles too.