Long press @

Sometimes (using android) a long press @ produces just a short list of names not containing the name/s required. Why is this/is there a workaround?

What if you type the name after @ manually, does the shortlist change to more suitable/required names?

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Hi @tatjana I just tried that and names did change but didn’t include the name that I typed. I have in the past used the same tag name but it didn’t appear just now. Sometimes quite a long list of names appears and on other occasions maybe only three or four names appear. It seems quite random.

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Interesting. I know you said it wouldn’t list the typed name at the time, but what if you go back to the name on a later occasion, having set a precedent. A bit like e-mail address lists. Just wondering if it could be a mobile phone security thing (no permission to share or sinc on phone, etc). Just a guess.

Then my suggestion is if you know the user name you just type it in whole but I know it’s the troble when you don’t know it or you’re not sure how it really spells. Unfortunately I’ve run out of ideas what it might be. I’m not operating on the forum on Android much mostly because I was unable to quote though so I’m not sure about what the problem might be though.

I’ll play around with the problem @JohnYoung and also see if the same thing happens on my PC. Will post any findings. Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated.

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