Login problem

I’ve logged out and back in a few times today - I usually tick the “keep logged in” box on the log in page, but I was checking something in another non admin acccount.

When I logged back in, I found myself in a blank page that just had “count {0}” at the top. I didn’t copy the address, but it was something to do with private messages/poll

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just my computer having a fit, or is it something that Ifan might need to look at quite quickly?

Logout then login currently working ok for me.
(only slight problem is it remembered a previous search, not in the search box, but as an argument in the URL "----“query=”, but that was easily dealt with.

(Latest Chrome on XP laptop)

Every now and again I try to access the site and find a problem with the server, asking to try again later, but nothing else. This is both on iPhone and iPad. As for logging in, I never log off so whenever I go into the page (which is bookmarked - I don’t know if this helps?) it goes straight into the site without having to log in.

The address I go to is: https://site.saysomethingin.com/private_messages/poll

It reads (“count”:0)

There is no navigation to take me away from there, so I have to go to the nav bar and put in the address.

Gav: I usually have the box ticked so I go straight there as well, but i logged out to check another account which doesn;t have moderation rights, got the log in problem there and here.