Llyfr newydd

Yes, I don’t want any of my pals on here going for the hardcover versions of any of my books - they are absurdly expensive, all with the same boring cover, and primarily aimed at the libraries of wealthy academic institutions.


I can feel an early Christmas present coming on lol

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You may certainly feel that, Stephen…I couldn’t possibly comment. :wink:

Good news that it’s out (relatively) soon!

Is this one going to be available in Kindle format, Gareth? I prefer them that way (then I always have them with me instead of them always being in the wrong room…) if possible. Also, I’ve been Banned From Buying Any More Bookcases and the loft is full.

As an aside, how much control do you as the author have over the ebook version? For example, over the use of internal links to sections, which is where ebooks really come into their own. I imagine it’s a pain to do in the writing stage (unless you use specific software) but it’s really useful for the student.


Hi David - I think all Routledge titles are available as eBooks, if that is what you mean - so I presume yes.

I have no control whatever over the mechanisms and format of eBook versions, I’m afraid - it’s all a bit of a closed book to me.
Did you see what I did there? :slight_smile:


Did you see what I did there? :slight_smile:

I did indeed, but I forgive you…

In general I think Routledge (and many other publishers) are missing a bit of a trick with their ebook versions: language textbooks like yours are made for interlinking sections (it’s a real benefit over paper), yet they seem to limit themselves to just replicating the physical text. I was hoping you could prod them into being a bit more imaginative, but it won’t stop me pre-ordering the book whent the Kindle version becomes available… (Amazon only has hardback and paperback up at the moment)…

I’m looking forward to reading it!

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Ŵww… be’ dy “sick burn” yn y Gymraeg?

I’m too old to know what that means in English, never mind Welsh…:slight_smile:

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So am I, so am I… But I understand it to be the argot de nos jours to congratulate someone on their repartee :slight_smile:

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