Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up

Thanks for organising a very pleasant afternoon, Peter. It was lovely to meet new people who share a love of Welsh. Elizabeth



The next Llon-dain has now been arranged (well, the date agreed and sort of the location!).

It will take place just after the Christmas/New Year break after we have all made our New Year resolutions consisting of the learning of 5,000 new Welsh words, speaking Welsh for at least an hour each day and only watching ClicS4C.

The meet up will be on Sunday the 5th January, 2020 when we can get real and celebrate the one word we have actually learnt, the single word reply in Welsh that we were so proud of and get excited that we understood 50% of what Kelly said in Pobol y Cwm (and not just the English bits).

So, the current plan is to return to South London and walk from Blackheath village to Greenwich village via Blackheath common and Greenwich park. Probably meet at 2.00pm but I need to find where will be best in Blackheath to start.

Copying @Deborah-SSi because she likes to know these things and @nia.llywelyn because she organised the last London event so just seems right, even if she will be in snowy Wales at that time.


Diolch Peter! I’ll get that in the next newsletter :slight_smile:

Diolch @peterallen

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Sounds good. I could travel down on the train from Nottingham. Di Matthews

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Will update the post nearer the time in case any changes, would be great to see you on the day.

I’ll do my best to make it—I actually get back from America on the 5th at 10 am, so I’m not going to commit until the day of when I see how jetlagged I am. :laughing:

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Last but one reminder (okay, perhaps more than just one more to come) for our next Llon-dain on Sunday 5th January to help blow off the old year’s cobwebs by walking from Blackheath to Greenwich. The weather forecast shows no rain and some sun so I have stopped worrying that we will be walking through a blizzard in freezing temperatures. We will meet at 2.00pm in one of the coffee shops (probably Costa or Starbucks - will let you know) and start off a little later. I have done it before so think it is about an hour’s walk in total.

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Details for the next Llon-dain are now confirmed with a meet in Costa in Blackheath (turn left out of Blackheath station, stay on the same side of the road and it is about 100m away). I haven’t been to the Costa in Blackheath before but hopefully plenty of room.

We will meet at 2.00pm and leave about 2.30pm (or so) with a walk over Blackheath common, into Greenwich park at the top, down to the old Naval college where we will walk through the grounds and finish in the Gipsy Moth pub. Some of us may want to return to Central London via the Thames Clipper (on Oyster but I think about £7) which is a fun ride (better than the tourist boats as so fast, especially if you site outside at the back).

Look forward to seeing anyone that can make it. Contact me if you need more details or want to join us on the way (or at the end).

Looking forward to it!

Correction: The final destination will be the Gipsy Moth, not the Cutty Sark!!

I will be there

Some of the Llon-dainers at the Greenwich Meridian on a walk from Blackheath village to Greenwich village on Sunday.


Llon-dain is on the move again. On St David’s Day our current plan is to start at 2.00pm in a coffee shop (exact one to be decided) in Stratford (the London one) walk through the Olympic park, cross the river Lea and down to the Hertford Union canal which runs along Victoria park for some of its length then join up with the Regents canal before entering the noise of the Mile End Road for a short walk to a Welsh chapel that sells cheap beer (okay, a former Welsh chapel which in now a Wetherspoons). Not a long walk, just a couple of miles but we will take our time as we work out how to describe what we see in Welsh. All welcome and I have taken the liberty of connecting to anyone who has joined us before or shown an interest up to now (just discovered that only ten names can be put in on any one post so will triplicate this post)
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@peterallen Is this open to everyone? I must admit I didn’t read through the whole thread, but saw some nice pictures. :slight_smile:
I mentioned it to my partner (who’s fluent,I however am still very new) and we’re both wanting to consider going, and meeting some welsh-speakers in London.

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Yes, its open to anyone so would be great to have you there. Where we meet will be decided a bit closer to the date but likely to be a Starbucks or Costa in the Stratford shopping centre before moving off for the walk. Mixture of levels of Welsh with some of us able to hold whole conversations in Welsh but still willing to help those just starting out. @MarcusWhitfield also organises a regular event in London so it is worth looking out for that too.


Hi Peter,

I hope to get to this event, last time I met you I had only done 3 months welsh. I’ve done 11 now so will be able to talk a little more. I recommend this walk to anyone, it’s a really freindly group of people who welcomed me as a begginer last year.