Llefrith or llaeth

I’m afraid the Keith one goes over my head :man_shrugging:

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Its an “in joke” Every dialect map shows the name “Keith” regardless of the subject for Momnouthshire.


The Keith reference is a bit of mean banter really … its basically saying they are clueless about the Welsh language or Welsh hasnt been spoken there for so long.

However Western Monmouthshire was Community welsh speaking in some parts until the 1830s-1870s…hardly ancient history (obviously some welsh speakers never went).

Also note that although Welsh was dying out in places like “rhosan ar wy” (Ross on Wye now in England) after the 1400s … the last born and bred herefordshire Welsh speaker didnt die until the 1870s either - so its just banter with east wales border areas…maybe not helpful but there we are with such jokey memes


Yes, to be fair, pre-1974 Monmouthshire (County of Monmouth) included what is now Blaenau Gwent, as well as Newport and Eastern parts of Cardiff and Caerphilly. So definitely some Welsh language survived there.