Llangynidr Welsh speaker

Is there a welsh speaker in the Llangynidr area who would be prepared to indulge a Level 1 learner in conversation

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@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

Hi Des. I used to live in the area (Clydach, Abertillery etc). Now live near Swansea and only get to your area infrequently. I would be more than happy to chat or listen on Slack when you master it. John.

Thanks John for reply. At moment lacking confidence but see what happens down the line

I m in Abergavenny Happy to help…Huw

Hello Huw
I would welcome chance to try and converse in Welsh. I have never had opportunity before so lack confidence and obviously limited vocabulary. At present I am on Level 2 Challenge 3 and struggling!
How should we arrange to meet up, Llangynidr or Abergaveny