Llais y Derwent

I’m interested in having short articles, 300 words, in Welsh, about groups in England and/or individual learners experiences, for publication in our newsletter ‘Llais y Derwent’, send to menteriaithlloegr@mail.com

I’ve posted something for your consideration, Jonathan.

Link to Llais y Derwent.


Just proposal - I love your site but you might make links more visible. They’re dark grey on even more dark grey almost black at the moment or maybe my screen provides such colors to them, but that’s how I see them. And the links which are already clicked appear as the same color as the background.

Otherwise it’s great.

Hi Jonathan,
Are you specifically asking for articles from learners or groups in England, or can they be from anywhere?

Hi all
First Dinas, ‘posted’ as in snail mail or email (prefer the latter to menteriaithlloegr@mail.com
Tatjana - I’ll see what I can do re the colour of text.
Dee - really want articles frow SSIWers in England, but will include other stuff too!
Take a look at the back issues on the Llais site at http://lloegrambyth.wix.com/llais-y-dderwentydd#!about_us/c14e3 and see the rest of the site at http://lloegrambyth.wix.com/llais-y-dderwentydd
Cofion gorau

Text is actually OK, just links are too dark but it could easily be my sight as I don’t see well so no worries. Just mentioned as there might be someone more of my kind then just me …


I see the latest edition of, Llais y Derwent, has just gone live. Looks like a good read too. Plenty of time for people to prepare something for their next addition… Must say writing a few hundred words has been great practice for improving my gymraeg. Also, a desire to write more things as well.

Paper version will be available in Maes D at Meifod.