Liz on Prynhawn Da

If you got a taste for Prynhawn Da last week when Cat was talking about her Welsh learning journey, I’ve got a treat for you! Fellow SSiWer, Liz Corbett is on this afternoon (Tuesday 25th) at 2 o’clock, talking about the novel she’s writing. Prynhawn Da is one of the S4C programmes available internationally, so have a look live, or go to the S4C clic website to watch the recorded programme.



Bumped into Liz down the pub in Aber on the week, which is a sentence I really didn’t think I’d be typing :smiley:
Will be watching on

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And just like last week with Cat on Prynhawn da, and Nicky on Radio Cymru, who should pop up this afternoon, but Nicky on Taro’r Post again. And Dee. And me!

It was a SSiW-fest go iawn!


Taking over the airwaves one more person at a time!


Liz was amazing. Totally calm and collected and your Welsh beautiful - a credit to SSIW . I would have been paralised with fear.

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You are an inspiration Liz. Thank you for the recommendation a couple of months ago for the Dosbarth Cymraeg yn yr Eglwys Cymraeg . A great interview!

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And soon, the world. :supervillain: :+1:

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