Live celtic music in Kent area

Hello again everyone. Does anyone know of any local Celtic bands in Kent, or any that would travel here. We’re having a biggish party on the 24th of august. I’ve tried Kates Kitchen band but they’re already booked up.

There was an Irish quartet, a bit like The Coors, but sang traditional Celtic music with those beautiful harmonies. Their name escapes me now, but I saw them last over 12 years ago at a small pub in Ashford that used to be called Oranges. There were a few folkish bands that played there back in the day! If I find out the name of this band, if they’re local or if they’re still a band, I’ll let you know!

Brilliant. I hope to see you tomorrow at the Coopers,

Tomorrow?? Next meeting is on the 5th July! I’ll be preparing to head for bootcamp tomorrow!

Sorry, Got my dates mixed up! It’s the Brighton area meet up today. Have a great time and bootcamp.