Listening skills

Smae. Cwrs gwych, Iestyn a Cat. Sais dw i sydd licio cerdded yn Snowdonia. Felly, on i isio dysgu siarad yr iaith. Dw i wedi gorffen Lefel 3 yn SSiW, a rwan dw i’n gwrando ar yr Advanced Content efo’r trawsgrif. Ond mae hi’n anodd iawn. I fi, mae “large gap” rhwng Lefel 3 a Advanced Content. Rhyw cyngor, plis? Hwyl, Andy

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Hi Andy,
Good to see a fellow ‘advanced content’ listener on the forum.
I absolutely know what you mean - I thought about writing on the forum many times to say, “Surely there has been a mistake?!” :sweat_smile:
But, after persevering, you know what, it is absolutely working - I’ve gone from not understanding many (if any) sentences in the advanced pieces to understanding most, or at least a large proportion, with a little guidance from the typed documents.
It’s like slow-burn magic! - but it definitely takes time before you feel you are improving.
Hope you will understand why I’m replying in English, because of the conventions of the forum.


Thanks for that, Cwmdraegwn. Really encouraging. I will persevere! Andy

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And just seen note at top about writing in English - sorry!

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I don’t know if you’ve seen these. Maybe you can find inspiration, or at least see you’re in a good company! :wink:

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Thanks, Gisella. Also helps to know I’m not on my own! Andy

Hi @Andy23

There is the option to have a little look through the content and pick out ones which are more straightforward to start with.

In particular the Deg Y Dysgwyr ones (see below) are a bit different and easier to understand. More generally flicking through them and finding ones that are a match in terms of dialect / speed would mean that you could start with something which is more straightforward.


Good advice, Rich. Diolch! I’ve just listened to one of the Deg Y Disgwyr and it’s much easier. So maybe I’m thinking I can hack this after all…

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I am sure you can either way @Andy23

The advanced content was a bit of shock to the system for me too - but, with no coincidence of course, it prompted me to learn the most too.

I did, for the first time with SSIW sit down with a pen in my hand and work through the transcripts, trying to do the translations myself (drawing on the translation provided as a last resort).

It was short term pain but big gain - a formative step. I now listen to Radio Cymru every day - understanding the vast majority. Keep up the good work!.

Rich :slight_smile: