Listening Session Suggestion

Just an idea that came to me almost out of nowhere - you know how every listening practice after the first is a dialogue? I find myself wondering if it might be worth having a mixed listening session for each; wherein, let’s say, Aran and Iestyn speak their respective dialects to each other (with the pair swapping roles between performances). I can see two fairly obvious benefits from this - in the long term, it gets people used to hearing more Northern/Southern ways of saying things from an early stage, while in the short term it means that at least some listening material for Southern Welsh will be easier to produce while Cat continues to recover.

Just a thought; feel free to use it or not as appropriate.


Its a good idea Hector. The more listening practices we get the better in my book!



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Just going to bump this so the people it’s aimed at might see it ;).

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It’s a good, creative idea - diolch yn fawr iawn :thumbsup:

I’m not sure if it’s a ‘right now’ kind of thing - I sympathise with the desire to get some more southern stuff available, and we’ll be focusing on that in the near future - but as soon as we get somewhere with that, it’ll probably be easier for learners just to listen to both options - at least as we work through Levels 2 and 3… :sunny:

Fair enough.

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