Listening Problems

I’m progressing well with the lessons (I’m on Vocab 2) . I’m having no problems learning the vocabulary and grammar but I really struggle with saying the sentences in Welsh when they are really long. I’m not very good at instructions etc. if there is more than one part (in English) I can’t hold the words long enough in my head before I forget what Aran has said. eg. I have one dog but there are four doors. I can only say ‘I have one dog’ and it is even worse when the sentence is longer. Is it okay that I do this or should I go over the lessons until I can do it. I feel bad because I can’t do the lesson properly even though my problem is not with the Welsh - it is with English/brain skills. Or maybe it is to do with the Welsh? Has anyone else experienced this?

I am experiencing it all the time, because I have a bit of the attention deficit problem. It’s worse when I’m stressed and I have to do the lessons (which is why I stopped doing them now for a week or two, because I can’t concentrate at all). But I don’t think you should worry about it. We aren’t training to become interpreters and when you’re talking to your native speakers you will surely know the amount of dogs and cats you want to talk about, because they’re yours and they’re relevant to you:) As long as you can remember the lexis and the structure of the sentence, what does it matter whether you’re buying five or seven dogs, or whether you’re selling beer or water (well, this one probably would matter in real life).


I had the same problems (oh, well I still have them but they don’t mater to me anything now) and I felt bad, really bad about them, so bad that I wanted to quit several times. If there wouldn’t be all people of this forum and @aran in particular I wouldn’t be here anymore. I’ve got many advises and, well, some I took into considderation some I didn’t however I remember one of them well: If you can’t remember the whole sentence, devide it into two. First listen the first part and say it then second and say it. Then, if you manage, try to put them together. In time your ability to remember will a bit strenghten though. It doesn’t make miracles but it helps not to feel frustrated too much or having a wish to even quit. Especially is this handy for you since you have no problem with Welsh. I had that problem too, so there were two problems joined into one. You know you can say the sentence in Welsh in whole so you can freely devide long sentence into two pieces and say them separately. it will do you no harm.

And I more then agree with @stella. When coming into real life situation, you’ll know what you’re talking about this for you’ll be totally able and comfortable to say even such long sentences. But, I doubt you’ll use them really often. In real life we’re usually lazy enough not to make sentences too long but rather simple and to the point. (at least I do so)

So, paid poeni and cary on. Don’t repeat the lesson just because you can’t remember the long sentence but rather devide it and say it in two parts and carry on to another lesson when finishing curent one.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:


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I agree with all Tatjana has written.
Plus: say the two part long sentence, then in your head start swapping things around.
Two cats, one dog, two doors, one window.
Let your mind play with the language and don’t try to hard.
In a couple of weeks time you will be thinking that’s too easy (boring), and play with the next problem.

Cheers J.P.

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I am so lazy that I tend to say the bit I do remember and then just add ‘the rest’ or ‘eto eto’!! I used to worry, but I soon found the bits at the end get covered well enough and I end up knowing them just fine. I sometimes say the wrong one due to leaping in where angels fear to tread or not paying attention or age!!!
If it’s cathod, cwn etc… I really agree with @ramblingjohn that it doesn’t matter. In fact in the Lessons (as opposed to Challenges) if @Iestyn said, say, “I have an old dog and a young cat” I would tend to think (and say!), “Nac ydy! Mae ci ifanc gen i a ddim cath!” Which isn’t very good Welsh, but stresses what matters to me!!!

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I can relate to you. I just have to keep telling myself that I really want to speak Welsh and not to worry.

@stella Yes same. I can only do about 10 minutes of a lesson at a time because it is really tiring having to remember the English sentences. When I speak Welsh in my head to myself (because there is no one that speaks Welsh round here), I am fine.


Yes, I can relate! It’s very hard and tiring to try to concentrate, especially on longer sentences. When I speak Welsh to myself (I also live where there are no Welsh speakers) or when I do small drills with new words like asking myself whether I like something and answering yes or no, I am generally fine.