Listening practice

Is something wrong? I have been trying to get the weekly and daily listening practice sessions, but every time Iz sign up, I get a speaking practice session. And Ireally need to listen

which course??

Hi Bryan - the course 1 weekly listening practices are here:

And the daily ones, which are only accessible if you have a subscription, are here:

If you’re still having problems getting at them, could you let us know in a little more detail please - e.g. what you click on, what you expect to happen, and what happens instead? :slight_smile: Diolch!

I have followed the links you gave me several times, with both listening and speaking practice, and both weekly and daily practice. Every time, I get speaking practice beginning with sentence to translate into welsh. I wait in vain for so,some to say something in Welsh!!

I have just tried following the links. The daily listening practices seem to be fine, but there is a problem with the weekly Southern practices - the listening one is definitely coming up with a speaking practice.

Yeah, it seems as though there’s maybe been a mistake with the file naming - I’ve sent Iestyn a message to check :slight_smile:

The Northern listening practices, both weekly and daily, are fine, but ii cannot get any listening practice on the Southern one. It is all speaking practice!!

I’m afraid Iestyn is away on holiday at the moment, so the most likely event here is that he’ll be picking up on this at the weekend and fixing it for next week. Sorry for the frustration!

Thank you Bryan, and Ifan for drawing my attention to this. I’ve checked the files on my computer, and, embarrassingly enough, I appear to have only speaking practices. Further embarrassment is caused by being in France and being unable to put matters right until Monday 1st September (or more likely the Tuesday morning, 2nd) when I will be able to upload some real listening practices.

This is, of course, what comes of preparing practices with one eye on bootcamp, another on the Eisteddfod and a third on going on holiday (while the rest of my eyes watch various roving not-in-school children).

So, big apologies for your wasted time and the loss of two weeks’ practice, I will update matters as soon as I can!

Iestyn - if the correct files are somewhere I can get at them, I could try and update them for you while you’re away?

Or would putting up a previous week’s listening exercises be a reasonable stopgap?

It was a bit more difficult than that, but I happen to have a back-up copy of my office computer with here in France, which happens to have a copy from September 2013 of some listening practices, which I have duly uploaded (it came to me at 4 o’clock this morning!).

Apologies to anyone with a phonographic memory who remembers the practices…! (And genuine apologies to anyone who’s been put out by this oversight on my part!)