Listening practice too fast

Are the listening practices for level one supposed to be so fast? I think the one for lesson 10 is double speed and they are all this fast after this.

Yes they are. It’s to get used to the language. As I understand you’re not supposed to take everything in but that normal conversation will sound relatively slow afterwards.
Often one of the more daunting aspects of new languages can be talking to people and have them talk back to you very fast. The listening exercises prepare you for that.

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Ok Thank you. Do you know if there are there any slower listening practices as well if you subscribe?

I’d say just keep going with the faster ones. It really really helps with getting used to normal speed speakers. You don’t need to understand it, but sort of let it wash over you. I guarantee if you do that and then listen to some radio or tv it will feel like they are speaking at a speed where you can pick out words and the like!

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You should be able to slow it down…look for a button bottom right of screen…

Not to repeat myself, we’ve just recently had quite a discussion on this topic here, where in the topic you can find all the answers and tips about this too.

In short: Listening practices from Challenge 10 on are meant to be as quick as they are because they’re not aimed for learners to understand what’s said in the first place but just purely to get used to the speach and force your brains with it to faster reactions in time what will help you when you come into the wild conversing to someone where you can not know what to expect and how fast the speach would be.

So, all is norman. In time you’ll find yourself to understand more and more without not even listening that carefully anymore.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


But doing this will dramatically reduce the amount of benefit you get from them… :slight_smile: