Listening Practice speed

How can I slow down the listening practice 2??

There will be someone techy on here who knows how that’s possible, but it really shouldn’t be slowed down. The idea is to listen (to hear) it at that speed but not listen to it to understand it. It’s a weird concept, but hearing way-too-fast speed really does make normally-feels-fast speech seem slower.

Don’t think of the listening exercise as something you’re meant to be able to translate @david-rees-4 - you’re not - just let it happen, and be happy if any words should click. It is much faster than normal - partly so you can’t translate it - but it helps your brain develop towards being able to grasp normal speed stuff. So don’t panic, if doing a structured course trust the email that tells you you’re not meant to understand any of it, and just listen to it when required and let it happen.

The listening exercises were quckly christened ‘the chipmunks’ in our house!

Hi ann-6. Thanks for your response. I get it now. The more I am listening to it the more the words are sinking in. Diolch yn fawr

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Thanks siaron! I get it now. Diolch yn fawr

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