Listening practice question

I really did try to find an answer to this question before I posted. :slight_smile:

I’m brand new to SSiW so I have no knowledge of the former courses, that’s what’s confusing me. I had gone through Level 1 - Lessons 1 and 2 a couple of months ago, stopped to start a new career, and just reviewed both of the lessons today. BTW…I reviewed both without using the pause button or looking at the vocabulary and I was so surprised that a lot of what I learned stuck with me! That was pretty nifty.

Here’s my question - when do I start the Listening Practice? Do I wait until I have finished Lesson 5 in Level 1 to start Listening Practice 1-5?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Rebecca!
Welcome to the forum!
I would guess you could start using the listening exercise any time you like, but it will contain stuff you haven’t learned yet. If that doesn’t put you off, then maybe it will be good to start tuning your ear in.


Thank you, @emmamartindale!

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I would, yes, but as Emma says, if you can tolerate not understanding much of it, it’ll do you no harm to start early… :slight_smile:

[But I’d recommend that you don’t then start listening to the one for 1-10 while you’re travelling from 5 to 10!]

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Okay. Thank you, @aran. I think I’m going to hold off a couple of days. Trying not to get ahead of myself.

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