Listening from lesson 15+

I am delighted to be doing lesson 15! I am struggling (not really struggling just not confident) with the listening sections as part of the lessons. When I do the practice listening sessions, I try not to translate in my head (as the instructions said). Is this the same rule for listening in the lessons? I do not understand what I listen to but all the words are familiar. Will I eventually be able to understand if I carry on listening without translating? Thank you SSiW!

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Yes, you will. The thing is, your brain is still getting used to hearing the language on a regular basis, and will eventually start to treat it as language rather than just noise. After a while, you won’t have to try to translate it; the meaning will simply pop into your head - probably in English at first, but later you’ll just hear it and know what it means.

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Thank you @hectorgrey Does this mean I should try and translate it or should I just listen?

Hi Wren,

Definitely just listen - even better do something else and just let the listening practice sort of wash over you while you’re not concentrating on it. What happens is that after you’ve been doing that for a while and not worrying about translating or trying to understand, suddenly one day you realise that you’ve understood it all with no effort at all. It might sound like magic, but believe me it happens!


Just listen. Just let it all soak into your brain until the understanding happens naturally.

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I will wait for the magic to happen then! :sparkles: