Listening and Speaking practices

Helo. I’ve just completed lesson 6 and had a look at (or rather a listen to) the Listening Practice. It appears to be number 5. I was wondering where I can find 1-4, or are they on a weekly loop? Likewise re the Speaking Practice. (Apologies if the info is on the site, but I can’t find it and I couldn’t find an exact match to my question on the forum.) Dioch yn fawr, Paul

Listening/speaking practices may be numberred but they’re changed weekly and as much as I could establish using them they don’t appear like 1st is 1st, 2nd comes 2nd etc but are mixed up. Also I’ve found out when (just for curiousity of mine) I downloaded and saved them they came same ones back to listen in time. This for I perfectly understood what’s written on the site, that you don’t need to save them and I stopped downloading and saving them (or I’ve downloaded them for weekly listening/speaking purposes and then deleted them).

So, no worries, 1-4 will (probably) appear again in time (at least this is my experience). Enjoy the material you’re jsut at it.

Pob lwc.

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Thanks for that, I understand. I was hoping to download the set (however long it is) onto my ipod to use when I’m away from the computer. I will need to be patient!


Well, I still have some of those downloaded lessons on my computer and listened to those which have same number however I remember some lessons repeated in time but now came to my mind they didn’t always have same number or there are more lessons with same number what makes saving them permanently even more pointless. You could have many listening practices on computer in no time however you won’t have contol upon them which is same and which not anymore.

Pointless to worry, just carry on. :slight_smile:

Hi Tatjana,

(Couldn’t respond directly via email) Thank you for the downloads, you are very kind.


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You’re welcome.

Ups … I forgot to ask you which Course you’re doing, South or North. Those you’ve got are South though.

Shwmae Paul!
Was just wondering if your iPod is the classic version or the iPod touch, because if it’s the touch version, you may be able to download the SaySomethinginWelsh app onto it.
That said, I’ve only tried it on the iPhone and iPad, so it would be great to hear if it works with iPod touch as well!

If it does work, you will have access to all the course material (subject to subscription status - you’ll at least have access to all the free material!), including the listening and speaking practices for lessons 1-6. You can download what lessons you want, delete them when you’re done with them to save space, and re-add them later on if you need to. And the practices change every week. Just download them by one touch and they’re stored until the new practices become available!

A link to the app is below (if you can use it, that is!)

SaySomethinginWelsh iOS app


South, so perfect!

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Hi. I have the cheapest ipod for the job. I’m not a gadget freak and bought it solely for SSiW files. It’s the I-pod “shuffle”. No display but clear sound. No display, hence “shuffle” and is a little frustrating as, although I loaded everything on in order, some of the files are mixed up. Paul

Hi Paul,

I’m afraid I think the issue here is how the iPod ‘shuffle’ works, rather than the files (which a standard mp3 player ought to play in order) - I’ve found an article that might possibly help you (fingers crossed!):

and here’s a short video that says it’s about the same problem:

Hope this helps! :sunny:

Thanks - you are very kind to help me with this.

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