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Listen to Joan from Llandudno, about 13 minutes into this programme, talking about her parrot sanctuary. Her Welsh is really interesting. She’s obviously first language Welsh, but she mixes in an extraordinary amount of English, and once she has slipped into English she finds it a little difficult to return to Welsh. I found this really entertaining on my way into work yesterday.

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She sounds exactly like the ladies I used to hear on buses in mid-Wales! Totally relaxed and using whichever word pops into her head. i doubr if she even realises she speaks fluent Wenglish now!

I’m fairly certain that I heard “sure to fod” yesterday. The "to was a quite England English “ter”. I guess it’s fairly open when you flip back to Cymraeg and cool if you can come straight back in with a mutation.

I generally hear (this would be mostly on Radio Cymru) “siwr o fod”.

There was a lady on yesterday’s (20.10.2017) “O’r Bae” who was mixing a lot of English in with her Welsh, although I’m sure she was a confident and fluent Welsh speaker.


I also hear it on Rownd a Rownd fairly frequently :slight_smile: