List of Meetups in the Weekly Email

If you get the weekly email, you will know that there is a list of SSiW meetups at the end, with details of when, where and the main contact person. As much as possible I try to keep it up-to-date, and give the forum name of the contact person, but occasionally groups stop meeting and don’t let me know, or the contact person changes and the name is no longer active on the forum.

Could those of you that attend the meetups let me know if anything changes, so I can update the list? I would really like it to be useful for people keen to get together with others and use their Welsh, but it’s only as useful as the information I’m given.

Diolch, Dee


Bore da Dee, our usual venue, cafe # 1 commercial street Newport, has closed. Probable next venue is cafe Nero two doors away. Will confirm before next meeting.


Hi Dee,
Thanks for all the effort you put into the weekly email - It’s undoubtedly an important aspect of our community.
The monthly Penybont, Radnorshire meeting is still going and I’m still the contact, but it occurs to me that a group of us have been meeting on Wednesday evenings at 8pm at the Arfon Ales micropub on Temple Street in Llandrindod for some years but I’ve never asked for it to be put on the list. It’s not an SSIW meetup, but we have SSIWers there as well as people doing traditional courses, second language speakers like me and the odd tame native speaker. And really good beer.


Diolch Dave. Shame about Coffee #1. I thought it was a nice venue.


That’s a great example of a useful meetup I can add to the list. The main thing is that at least one SSiWer goes regularly and that a SSiWer is willing to be the contact person on the forum and keep me up-to-date with any changes. So if you’re happy to be that person for this meetup as well, diolch Rob!