Link to old forum "Asking Questions" Threads

Because I needed to look at some of these myself just now, and because there is lots of still-useful information there, I thought I’d post a link which may be handy for anyone else, especially newer members:

This is the top page of the Asking Questions section:

Course 1 Questions:

Course 2 Questions:

Course 3 Questions:

(Course 1 is the original beginner course, not the new Level 1, of course).

There are answers as well as questions, wrth gwrs :smile: at least to most questions.

And for completeness, the top page of the old forum:

Those links were correct at the time of writing: 22nd August 2014

Needless to say, this is for reading the existing, old-but-still-useful answers, and not for posting new questions. :smile:

Pob hwyl.

Thanks, Mike!!! Just discovered a link to my first Bootcamp which was four and a half years ago…Laughing, as I again realise I put myself down for my first “camp” after 6 weeks of SSIW…
Hmmmm, insane.

Yes, thanks Mike. There is a lot of collected wisdom and experience there that is worth keeping. It is fun to look through some of the old threads and see posts from current old-hands from back in the day when they were first learning.


The amount of hard work that went on was probably summed up by Kim falling asleep on the sofa a couple of times towards the end of the week.


It is fun to look through some of the old threads and see posts from current old-hands from back in the day when they were first learning.

Yes, and I think a lot of times, they were doing lessons just as they were hot off the presses, so to speak, and “road-testing” them for Aran and Iestyn.

Thanks Mike. This is really useful.

I hope we can get all these treads ‘attached’ to the lessons on the new forum. I think it encourages people to ask questions if they are a bit stuck - they know others have had similar problems. We can all learn from each other. It is one of the best parts of the forum.

Thanks Mike - a timely reminder to me to update the FAQ page.

If you need to access the old forum now, you can find it under item 12 “What to do if i have a question”.

Having said that, reading the FAQ section has reminded me of how long ago the FAQs were written (For instance, when we were still operating on Wordpress), and how many time the page has been patched up, rather than re-written.

Some work needed there, I think!

Thanks, Mike! The help forums really helped me out a lot. Most of the time, the questions I had, had already been addressed, so I didn’t even have to type anything out. :slight_smile:

Does the new Discourse setup mean we might get something like the old forum ‘Asking Questions’ for each lesson back again?

I always found this really useful and I find myself searching for this thread with the links in from time to time. It would be great if it was pinned to the top.

Thanks @mikeellwood