Lingo Newydd Rhagfyr 2017 (December 2017)

Does anyone have a copy of the most recent Lingo Newydd?

Sorry my first post wasn’t click-baity enough. Here’s why I asked. There is an article about the September Bootcamp featuring Susanna Joecks, @Bobi, @sharonmonks and a great photo of the crew!

There is also a letter on page 3 about the Eisteddfod Ar-lein. (A much more glamorous use of page 3, diolch byth!)


I renewed recently, and Rhagfyr/Ionawr should be the first one of my new subscription. I have not received it, nor did I see the new issue in the app when I checked yesterday. Seems strange…

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Just popped into my letterbox yesterday!

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Arrived yesterday or day before

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Mine came today :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good letter!
And those bwtcampwyrs look like a great bunch of people :wink:


I’m sure the Lingo Newydd editors won’t mind me posting the letters and articles here - SSiW got a mention in 3 different places in this most recent edition! If you haven’t seen a copy of Lingo Newydd, this will give you an idea of what it’s like - well worth buying if you’re starting to read Welsh.


Diolch, Dee! :slight_smile: