Like like like!

Really like the new forum, although only played with it for 10 minutes so far! Thanks very much for all the work!! It has actually just distracted me from going to a welsh practice, so is unusually interesting…

I’m not quite sure how the categories/ tagging system is going to work yet. The categories are taking up rather a lot of the top of my screen space. Are you going to do a short “how-to” to lay down the ground rules?

Better get off to siarad some Cymraeg nawr!


Yes - I like the forum - have only tried it on a desk top so far so will be interested to see what it is like on a mobile device later.

I don’t think anyone really knows how we’re going to use it yet. I guess letting it bed in and coming up with best practices out of that will be the way to go.

But yes…the new forum is rather lovely, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I think we’re all going to need a little time to find our way around and see what works well and what maybe won’t - there’s a plug-in to add multiple tagging, which may well be one of the things that we’ve been looking for, but I think we probably need to let the dust settle for a while before trying that out… :smiley:

We also need some less insane-looking smilies…!

But great to hear that you like it so far - diolch am rannu!

Yeah, the smilies look like they have eaten the wrong colored pills. Not the red but the blue. Or something.


Yes - definite improvement.
Llongyfarchiadau i Ifan & tim datblygu. (I’ll learn how to insert a clapping, thumbs up smilie before my next post)

Just put colonthumbsupcolon and you’ll be there: :thumbsup: :sunny:

Is it possible to have postings listed so the latest is at the top - lots of scolling down otherwise for busy topics - or is there a setting that i have to do?

If you’re talking about the overview of topics, those have the latest at the top automagically - if you’re talking about inside a topic, I’m not sure if that can be changed, but the software seems to do a pretty good job of taking you back to wherever you last were in a discussion :sunny:

When you open the thread, it should jump to where you last read it - if you want to jump to the bottom tap the End key on your keyboard and it’ll run down.

Ooh yes, looks good on mobile! It makes more sense now the categories at the top have started showing the last 3 posts.
Looks like a system with all the bells and whistles! (May as well use it if somebody has gone to all the trouble of programming it already.)

I’m particularly pleased to hear that - I’ve been fretting that it might not and that Catrin will give me a hard time (since she lives and breathes on mobile) :scream:

That is one horrible smilie.

I’m actually fonder of the scream than I am of the wink :wink:


Yikes! Reinstatement of old smilies edging up the wish list…

Loving the new forum. Sat in Bellis’ Garden Centre nr Wrexham and seeing what it can do. Just received an email detailing new posts having set this up in Profile Settings (I think). It is much much better. Thank you to all involved for making this happen. :smile:

PS. Quite like the crazed smiley… Reminds me of how I look after completing a new Challenge!"!!

Hello Tyger!! Good to see you here :sunny:

Love the new search facility!! :sunrise_over_mountains:

Well, it seems the “just wait it out” approach still works. :sunglasses:


Love the new forum, especially love the “like” button… it just satisfies some instinct in my soul… :slight_smile:

Quick q, but perhaps this has been answered/explained elsewhere - I can’t seem to reply to a thread in general, only to particular posts - should I be able to? There’s a big “reply” button at the bottom but it’s not working for me, maybe a browser issue?

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