Level 4?

Really enjoyed level 3 challenging but got through the 2 lessons so far … my problem is it won’t let me download the app on my phone it keeps asking if I want to subscribe which I am all ready … anyone else having problems it lets me do course level 2 but not 3 should I reload the app ?

Apple or Android?

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So your issue is…

You have the app already
Level 2 lessons are appearing
The new level 3 lessons are not visible?

Right, found my old iPad…

@lewie - it appears as though level 3 lessons are requiring a subscription, even though level 2 lessons (which also require a subscription) can be downloaded successfully

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It won’t let me download the lessons on level 3 it says I got to subscribe but I am all ready subscribing it only does it on level 3 it lets me download level 2

And it’s the north I am doing

You’ll have to wait for @lewie to investigate and fix…

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Should be fixed now. If necessary, touch and hold the top banner, and select “refresh.”


Woo hoo.

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Diolch yn fawr iawn, hogia! :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

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Diolch a fawr

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