Level 3 - how to listen to downloaded challenges

I’ve just started Level 3 and havent been able to listen to downloaded challenges on my Samsung Android phone. This hasn’t been a problem before. I cant seem to find an app that opens the files. Any ideas please?

Sorry about that - hmmm - are you able to access them on a desktop/laptop?

Otherwise, @jamesmahoney :slight_smile:

I’m away from my laptop for a few days so not sure. I always listen to the challenges while walking or gardening, so that wouldnt help me much unfortunately!

Are you using the Android app @Howard?
The app works fine on my Wiko/Android phone for all 3 Levels.

I’m asking because what you say here:

gives me the impression that you download the audio files from a browser, then click on them like you would do with a pdf or any other document in the list of downloaded files, maybe?
This often fails on my phone too - although not only on Level 3 challenges!


I downloaded the SSiW app today and could only find Level 1 for some reason, but now ive found the other levels. @gisella-albertini, i was indeed previously downloading from a browser and clicking on the files in the list.
Problem sorted, thanks!