Level 3, Challenge 9, tone in background to some answers

In case you didn’t know @aran, there’s a slight tone in the background of some of the answers in Level 3, Challenge 9. Only really noticed it with a pair of headphones on.


Thanks for that - northern or southern? :slight_smile:

Sorry, southern! And I think it’s just Cath’s (sp?) voice.

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Diolch! Flagging up for @iestyn and @lewie on the off chance there’s anything we can do about it (when I get stern looks from Jeff, it’s usually because I’ve forgotten to put a pillow on top of the PC…:wink: )…

Yup - I remember those. Something humming in the background while Cat was doing one particular recording session, I’m sure. I thought about trying to tweak those away, but in the end decided to let it go, and find out from folks whether it’s too bothersome or not. Aran will think that I’m going soft after all that yelling that I did at him about the loud fan on his PC :slight_smile:



Oh, don’t you get yer hopes up, there … :slight_smile:


Curses! I’d have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that pesky sound engineer… :wink: