Level 3 App on iPhone

Hi, sorry if this has already been discussed. I can’t find a thread. Anyway, on my SSIW App on the iPhone Level 3 only shows 15 lessons, and online it shows the full 20. Do I need to re download the app?


The Southern course at present goes up to 15, whereas the Northern goes up to 20.

It is likely that your phone and your PC are set to the different dialects.

Are you doing the Southern or Northern course?

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To change the course on your phone go to Options (The bolt) and its your first option.

On the PC… under every lesson but above the “Download on the Apple Store” icon, you’ll get an option to switch regions :smiley:

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Actually Southern course, PC version it just seems to have 20 lessons, but it’s an illusion! :grinning:
If you click on challenges 16 to 20 you get this message:

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Ok diolch both. I’m only on no 4 so I’m sure I have enough! Thanks again.