Level 2 struggles

I’m on challenge 5 of level two. I think it’s a lot more Welsh per challenge and I’m struggling to remember things. I know with level one I eventually managed to but it wasn’t this much. It has been a busy week for me though. But it’s annoying when you forget the same things. Any tips to remember or is it just a case of keep at it. I trust the process just a bad brain week I think

Sometimes when you’re really busy the best advice is to give yourself a little break. There’s no need to follow the old language-learning advice of “doing a little each day” and it’s actually important to have rest periods as well, so if you’ve got a lot on don’t worry. Just keep up the listening practice as much as you can, and let your brain do some sorting and filing while you’re having a little break. As long as you’ve had 1 or 2 runs through the challenge, give yourself a rest and move on next week :slight_smile:


Hey Jen, when I moved from one Level to the other, and even more when I went to Wales, I had something like this happening to me.
At first was very discouraging, because I felt I couldn’t even use what I thought was well established in my memory any more! :weary:

But as @Deborah-SSi suggested, I just really needed a break, so that all the new things could settle in my brain.

It actually happened to me recently. I felt really confused. But instead of worrying, I just relaxed, listened to music, tried to read one article taking all the time I needed. Then a few days ago I watched a TV programme (Parti Bwyd Beca) and I was amazed I understood almost everything without subtitles!
And then starting to practice making sentences started becoming smoother again and even better than before.
I guess it’s just the way learning goes! :wink:


Diolch. I think it’s a combination of a busy week, headaches last week and a bit of a cold this week. I’m going to make sure I take a break and I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thanks for the support and encouragement I expect too much of myself sometimes :joy: