Level 2, Challenge 22 queries

Towards the end of the challenges there are a few negative sentences, but I can’t quite make out some of the words in them. Any help? Can’t see anything in the vocabulary. One example below with dots for missing section.

dwedais i na … dweud wrtha i

I think you’re looking for the sentences starting with:

Dwedes i nag oedd e wedi dweud unrhywbeth wrtha i

I’ll bet it’s that “nag” that threw you off (if your ear heard it as “na goedd” rather than “nag oedd”). All the sentences in that group use “nag” - so have a go at it again and see if you can’t sort the rest of them.


Yeah, got the bit about the past. Also bit confused in the present. Bit in the bracket is what it sounds like.

dwedes i (nag yw) e mwyn mynd

Ah, you’re doing southern - so yes, that’s ‘dwedes i nag yw e’n moyn mynd’… :slight_smile:

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Diolch lewie and aran!

Yes, it looks like you’re tuning your ear in well there. I know it may not seem that way if you;ve had to sweat it out, and ask for confirmation, but actually, that’s an excellent sign that you are getting to grips with the sounds of the language. Congratulations!

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Hi I’m struggling with similar sentences in Challenge 24. I have found I don’t hear words in the English especially “have” which makes it interesting to repeat correctly in Welsh!
However, I think I’m hearing
“You’d tell me if she didn’t want to go” with the reply “Byddet ti’n dweud orthi nag orth hi’n moin”
And then “You’d tell me she didn’t want to answer the question”. With the reply “Byddet ti’n dweud orthi bod hi ddim yen ateb”

Sorry for mistakes first time I’ve tried writing Welsh! Are these different because one sentence where you use ersi and one sentence where you would use o’n i’n? Or just a case of variety?


Nope, it’s because of the ‘if’ - ‘you’d tell me if she didn’t want to go’ would be ‘byddet ti’n dweud wrtha i os nag oedd hi’n moyn’, while ‘you’d tell me she didn’t want to answer the question’ would be ‘byddet ti’n dweud wrtha i bod hi ddim yn moyn ateb y cwestiwn’.

And that was a very good first stab at writing! :star2:

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Thanks that has been driving me nuts!


I can’t hear the IF in English…
Or the OS in Welsh…:disappointed_relieved:

Will try again…