Level 2 Challenge 10

I think this has been the hardest so far - somehow I made a mistake and said “Tomé unas bragas.” instead of “Tomé unos tragos.” I think that might be a problem!!!

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I just had a look at lesson 10. It has really advanced stuff. I hope that you feel pleased with yourself that you are onto this kind of material after only 35 lessons. (Muy bien echo!) I remember that when I was doing Level 2 of the Welsh version of the program, I had to go back and redo several of the lessons a couple of times. I suppose that the level of complexity is the main issue. If you look at these sentences in English, they have a few “twists and turns”, such as “We all thought that they should find a better way”. The blurb to the lesson is right: “there are people who’ve been learning from textbooks for years who wouldn’t be able to deal with half of this”.

Well done! :slight_smile:


If you make that mistake in the wild, I think it’ll be one of those you only ever make once… :wink: :star2:

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