Level 1 lesson guides/Level 1 completion?

So, while I am definitely on board with the whole “learn to speak first, THEN worry about spelling” premise of cwrs 1/lefel 1 (would it be lefel? Is there a more accurate word?), I have to admit that sometimes I need to see a word after finishing a lesson so my pronunciation isn’t all over the board. When I was working on course 1 a year ago (and a year before that… and a year before THAT… actually, off topic but I just realized I’ve been coming back to SSIW since I first tried it in 2009!) it was very helpful to have the lesson guides that have been made up.

I understand why the new program might not have one yet, but I was wondering if there were any partial guides put up yet that I wasn’t able to find?

Also, just for my own purposes - is challenge 25 meant to be the last of level 1? If I finish the currently-completed level 1 north challenges, should I move on to the old course 2, or would I be lost? I ask mostly from a practical view - I like the new challenges so far but if I’d be better off going with course 1 for the moment, I’d rather go back and do that.

S’mae Kate,

I have a PDF guide for the Lefel 1 (Gogledd) course. Drop me a PM with your e-mail address if you would like a copy.



I’m the same way. A very visual person and one that has a lot more options to reading Welsh than speaking, I have to see the words as i do the course. It is working and I’m learning albeit at a slower pace with no real immersion possible on the West coast of the US. Very few speakers of Cymraeg.
Still, if I can get through the Course 1 by the end of the year and speak or write all of the words fluently, I feel great about that, as that is my goal.