Level 1 course guide Southern

Hi Folks
I was wondering if there was any any chance of the pdf course guide for the Southern new level 1 being available any time soon. ( for pronounication purposes of course) it would be of great help

Thank you

It’s here:
Level 1 South Course Guide

All the course guides are in the FAQ on the new website.

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Thank you AnnaC. I might be a bit dense here But what New website ?

You’re not being dense! My fault - sorry not to be clear. There is a new version of the website, which was in beta test. Some of us are using it, and at some point everyone will have it. I don’t know if it’s been made available to everyone or not yet.

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Just to add that the FAQ section is also available on the current website layout, as are the course guides for all the available (completed) courses/levels!
Just go to FAQ at the top of this page!

NB. If you’ve clicked FAQ, but still cannot find the guides, make sure the correct course is selected by clicking on “SaySomethingin…” at the top left of the screen and select ‘Welsh’. I say this as mine often goes to the Cornish pages by default!

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You should look for the post with the title

Where can I find the lesson guides and how should I use them?

on the site and not on the forum to be clear.
However I’m not sure the new level guides are visible on old pages. Let me check out …

On the old page it shows under title

How should I use the lesson guides and where can I find them?

(link number 10)

And Levels are not included into old page layout (just for the record)

so now I know why people are asking so often for them.

With a permition of @aran and authors I’d include those links into “Really cool and interesting stuff” index to be accessable to all no matter the page layout until someone corrects things on old side of the sites. :slight_smile:

I see this index should obviously be extended to some non/forum but page related useful stuff.


Ah… I was under the impression that both sites were up to date and the new layout was just a “skin” over the original! But then I only have access to the new layout now (I haven’t tried to revert back if truth be told!). I’ve learned something today!!! :blush:


Well, I revert back when I need to for testing purposes and to look how the things are looking on old side of the site when I post something similar to this post I’ve posted earlier but otherwise reverting and going forward is no needed in deed.

Now it reminded me to check how it all appears through the android app - what kind of faq you’re getting there. (gee I never really checked those things actually).

And, as always, I’m happy I am of any help.

I still go zooming off to Spain and have found no way to stop this!! I just have to come back!!! Cornish would be a pleasant change!!!


@tatjana That’s a great explanation of the difference between the two versions of the website - thanks!

So does mine…I think someday I shall have to do the Cornish lessons!

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I wonder if the Cornish thing is that, in the code the courses are listed alphabetically. So, if you went direct to the forum without coming from the main page, it defaults to Cornish. I have both links in my toolbar ans use them to navigate.

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@craigf I have both links in my toolbar, too, but sometimes I end up at Cornish by the road less traveled :slight_smile:

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I tend to think that the website just tries to remind me that I should stop procrastinating and learn Cornish!

By the way, @faithless78, have you started the Cornish course? I remember you were among the people who were planning to do it?

One more useful forum stuff! :

Hello @stella! Sut eu ti? :slight_smile: Didn’t see you for a while.

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Hello, Tatjana! Dwi’n iawn, diolch! I’ve just had my first conversation with a native Welsh speaker and I’m over the moon. I’ve been reading your thread and I’m very happy for you and your progress :sunny:


YAY!!! :smiley:

Thank you. Would like to hear how you’re doing but I believe surely better then me. I probably could learn something from you too. :slight_smile:

Isn’t life great anyway?! :slight_smile: :smiley: :sunny:


It definitely is! I have sooo much motivation now to do lessons and watch and listen to Welsh as much as I can:)

I don’t believe you! I know now you’re doing splendidly - an hour long conversation in Cymraeg is a fantastic achievement! Anyway, should we meet some day in Skype and chat for a while in Italian/Cymraeg? (whatever you prefer)

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Of course!

WHY NO ONE BELIEVES ME!? lol :smiley:

I suspect it’s because it’s very easy to notice that you set very high standards and demand a lot from yourself, and it’s common knowledge that perfectionist people are much better in reality than they think they are!

Anyway, PM me and I’ll be happy to talk to you. I’m rather free at the moment, so set a time that suits you!

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