Level 1 - Challenge 9 (south welsh)

Hi, is there any reason that to say “do you want” it’s “wyt ti’n moyn” but to say “do you need” its “oes eisiau i ti” rather than “wyt ti’n eisiau i ti” or something similar

Yes, there is a reason. moyn is a verb, eisiau is a noun. The construction Oes eisiau i ti… literally means Is there a need for you….


Awesome, thanks Hendrik! Makes it a little easier to remember! :smiley:

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Diolch Hendrick!

Just to add, nearly all the verbs (like moyn) that you come across will act in exactly the same way - it’s (mostly) just eisiau, and later rhaid (which is a ‘must’ ‘got to’ kind of thing) that work like that.


Yes the one that Im trying to get the gogledd feel for is dwi eisiau and yet mae rhaid i fi. Saying that, i suppose its no worse than S Wales younger people who seem to use both dwi angen and ma eisaui fi alternatively. Reit nice to have the choice, though. :grin: