Level 1 Challenge 3

Hello, I have tried this one three times, and I’m struggling a bit on the ‘bod’ section. At one point Iestyn gives the Welsh for “that”, but it is said really quickly, followed by a colloquial version. It would help me if I could see both written down. Can anybody help?

At around 21:50 in new course 1, challenge 3?

“Bod” is the word you come across in “that” constructions in Welsh.
“Fy mod i” is “that I am”
(Translating these things literally in as little phrases is next to impossible, but you get the idea [I hope!]
[it isn’t a “translation” for “that”, it’s the form the verb ‘to be’ takes, which is why there is no other “to be” verb in the rest of the clause/sentence. Feel free to ignore this stuff in brackets! :wink: ])
Or “mod i”
Or “bo fi”
The last form (which Iestyn actually describes as “slangy” :wink: ) is the form used in the lessons.

Hope that is what you were asking about, and that it helps!
(Your fault you know. You did say you wanted to see it written down :wink: )v


Thank you – this is exactly what I needed!