Level 1 Challenge 19

“A bit of television” is first taught as “un poco la television.” But later “un poco de television” is used. Why the difference? Does it matter what we use, and can we interchange it?

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From memory (@gabycortinas might be able to fine tune) that’s to do with the verb it’s working with - so where in English you might say ‘a bit of television’ just on its own, it would be ‘un poco de’ - but when it was ‘watching a bit of television’, it also works as ‘watching the television a bit’ - that just changes word order in English, but gives you ‘un poco la television’ in Spanish.

So really, you’re just into the joys of all languages having lots of different ways to get the same central meaning across - so don’t worry about it, use whichever comes to mind first, and you’ll end up using the patterns you hear most often from the people you end up speaking to most often… :slight_smile: