Level 1 Challenge 16 she wanted/who wanted

I’m on Challenge 16 and am confused by some of the sentences:

At 08:57, why is “I met someone in the pub who said that she wanted to watch that film” “Wnes i gwrdd â rhywun yn y dafarn ddwedodd bod hi’n moyn gwylio’r ffilm ‘na” and not “oedd hi’n moyn”?

When at 21:45, “Did you enjoy that film about a young man who wanted to learn Welsh?” is “Wnest ti joio’r ffilm ‘na am ddyn ifanc oedd yn moyn dysgu Cymraeg?”

Please can someone explain?


Ooo that’s good analysis @diana-allpress!

The thing which is the apparent anomaly is the first example which relates to reported speech or thought in Welsh…which is distinct from English…

There are two ways of thinking of this - one is that after the bod is, what was said or thought at the time…which was in the present tense (at that time)…

…alternately because bod on its own is tense less that the tense of the preceding sentence carries through.

It is one of those where the meaning of the Welsh is clear and where the difficulty lies in creating an English translation which is equivalent - which is always an interesting situation.

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch for the explanation! Have to say it’s slightly fried my brain - tried to do challenge 16 again today and was probably overthinking every phrase to try to work out if he/she was thinking they wanted something or was actually saying they wanted it! Guess it’ll get easier with practise or else I just need to stop overthinking it!

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Yes, it is amazing how it settles down and becomes instinctive…SSIW is an amazing teacher in that respect.

It sounds like you are doing really well - dal ati - keep up the good work!

Rich :slight_smile: