Level 1 Challenge 10 repetition

The app ( iOS) tells us to do challenges 10 - 15 without repetition. The 6 minute course email just asks us to do 10 (with sentences etc.). Which is better?

The 6 Minute course emails contain extra tasks in addition to just the challenges themselves, and space the challenges out on a weekly schedule to help create a structure that’s easy to follow and to keep you motivated. So if you’re following that course, you should just follow the instructions given each week; challenges 11-16 will feature in future emails in due course. :slight_smile: But in any case, the advice on repetition is the same regardless of whether you’re following a structured course or working through the challenges at your own pace - don’t feel tempted to repeat the challenges endlessly until you’ve done them “perfectly” - as long as you feel that you’ve managed a fair bit of it without feeling totally lost, then you can move on. That said, if you do fancy a bit of extra practice, there’s nothing to stop you having another run through Challenge 10 while waiting for next week’s email… :slight_smile:

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Just finished C10L1 for the first time… it was a brain hurting experience!
DwĂ­ dimm 'n moin ddusgy cymraeg nawr!!!
(Will have another go in parts over the weekend)

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That’s a good sign that you’re putting exactly the right kind of effort in… :star: :star2: Don’t worry too much about repetitions - you’re not aiming for perfection - so press on (and, er, apologies in advance for 12 and 13!!)… :slight_smile: