Level 1 challenge 10 northern new construct

Hello everyone. I am a new learner from America, so I don’t have anyone to ask questions…

I just completed challenge 10 but wanted clarification on the “to ask you” language construct. Am I hearing “Dw i’n gofyn wrtho ti”?
And if so, can someone explain wrtho? Also, I had expected the word order with gofyn to be the same as other verbs.

I hope that makes sense, I have never actually seen Cymraeg written down, so I am still a bit stunned by it :slight_smile: is there anything to go along with the challenges that show the written form? I would find that rather useful.


It’s a while since I’ve listened, but almost certainly that’s it.

If you think of it as “ask of” someone (or possibly “ask to” someone), that’s roughly what “wrth” means, and it has endings according to the person being asked (i.e. I/me, you, him, her, etc).

…actually, I’ve just looked up “wrth” in the dictionary, and I see there are some variations in spelling the ending e.g. “wrthat ti” or “wrthot ti”.

I’m sure others will comment, but don’t worry too much about the writing for the time being. So long as you can hear what’s being said and reproduce something that sounds close, that’s the thing to concentrate on until you get a bit further long our journey into Welsh.

Pob lwc.

If you’ve got as far as 10 already, you’re doing excellently (and if you sign up for the weekly email you’ll be able to see if there are any groups meeting anywhere near you: https://www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/info/faq#HowcanIgetaccesstotheSSIWweeklyemail ) :sunny:

Prepositions are usually a bit on the muddling side, because they never map neatly from language to language - you can try to build rule sets for them, but they’ll almost always break at some point, so by far the easiest thing to do is just roll with it, and not worry too much - there are plenty of times when ‘gofyn i’ will be a bit better anyway (gofyn i ti wneud o, for example) - and plenty of people who’d say ‘gofyn i’ instead of ‘gofyn wrth’ most of the time. So really, don’t worry about it :sunny:

I’m not sure where we are at the moment in terms of content lists for the new stuff - it’s something we do need to tidy up a bit, and I hope I’ll find the time in the next few months :sunny: