Level 1 - Challenge 05

Hi, I am doing Challenge 05 on level 1. I’ve just come across this sentence : because learning Welsh is interesting. The sentence in Cymraeg was " achos mi dysgu Cymraeg mae’n ddiddorol", so my question is why “mi dysgu” and not just “dysgu”?
Thank you


You’re doing great to pick it out in so much detail at this stage - well done! - what you’re actually hearing there is ‘achos mae dysgu Cymraeg yn ddiddorol’ - we’re just starting to get you used to the structure ‘mae [x] yn’ which is how we say ‘[x] is’… :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your explanation. I think one of the things I like most about this site is the support given by members of the forum . It makes me really feel part of a group.