Lessons won't play

However many times I delete and redownload the lessons, most of them won’t play. Is it because I have a cheap phone?

mmm… this kind of stuff can be very tricky to figure out… but first, are you on Android or iOS? :slight_smile:

I’m on Android, it is a very cheap phone, but works for other apps like VLC and other media players

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@jamesmahoney - any sensible questions to ask at this point? :slight_smile:

What’s the phone?
What’s the version of Android?
What happens when you try and play a lesson that doesn’t work? Nothing? Does it sound garbled? Does the app crash?
Examples of lessons that do play?
What’s the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Examples of lessons that don’t play?


Hi, thanks fir all this. I can access the website obviously but only when at home really and it would be nice to keep practicing for example at weekends when I’m camping.
Phone is called Doogee X20L, and yes it was the cheapest phone on ebay but all other apps do work. Android 7.
When I try to play lessons I get a pop up that says it can’t play the lesson and that I should delete it an re-download it. This doesn’t help though.
It plays lesson 1 but not any others or the intro.
I can’t help you on the swallow but there’s a pretty sickly parrot in my local pet shop if that’s any help :wink:


Tbh, I’ve given up on the app anyway, but the developers might like to fix it just for the sake of it. I have sent them a facebook message just in case they want to look into it.

Only other thing you can try, on your end, is to delete the SSiW app and reinstall. About 65%-70% of the time this solves the problem. Worth the effort. If that doesn’t do it, then without seeing event logs, there’s probably not much SSiW can do…unless there’s a known bug.

Oh, and that sickly parrot I’ve been told is actually nailed to the perch.:smile:

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There’s a support option available on the Settings menu
Make sure the “Enable detailed logging” checkbox is checked
Try and play a few problems lessons
Once you’ve done that select the “Send log” option on that support menu.

I’d recommend choosing to email the log

Who exactly have you messaged on facebook?


I didn’t use this app much 'cause I have little storage space on my phone (Wiko Lenny3, Android 6.0 - I guess it can qualify as a pretty cheap one, at a current price of about €80).
Since I’m back doing challenges, I just reinstalled the app and downloaded a few random ones from different levels. They all seem work properly.
African or European swallow?

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You’re talking to the developer at the moment - @jamesmahoney built the app for us as a labour of love, and is extremely kind about trying to help solve glitches when they crop up… :slight_smile:

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Sounds fishy but I’ll give it a try :wink:

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Fair do, I’ll try reinstalling it and see if it works.

The one thing I look out for on any phone is enough memory to install apps, they’re not worth having otherwise. I will reinstall and see if it works, next time I’m in a wifi zone.

I messaged the page, but now I’ve deactivated my facebook account, sorry! I can’t tell you a name. They were very nice.

What was the facebook page you used? Was it https://www.facebook.com/SaySomethinginWelsh/?

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Wow that’s a great piece of work James. Fantastic. :slight_smile:

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