Lesson guide for Crws 3

Is there a lesson guide for Cwrs 3 anywhere? I can find the ones for Cwrs 1 and 2 but not for 3. I find these very useful, i’m someone who needs to see what i’m learning written down as well as listening so would feel lost without a lesson guide. Ga i helpu fi os gwelch yn dda? Diolch!

Helô Jan,

I have a guide for Cwrs 3 Gogledd. If you are doing Northern, drop me a PM with your e-mail address and I’d be happy to send you a copy.



Well i’m replying to myself. Those of you who know mr from Bwtcamp wont’t be at all surprised about this! I have just found some notes in the forum, the searching of which was an afterthought, but please, please can someone add them alongside the other Lesson Guides because lesson 1 in Crws 3 is difficult, and without any notes, I seriously struggled.

I guess you’re doing Southern then Jan?


Shwmae Jan.
I’m almost at the end of Course 3 now (only 7 more lessons to go now!). Over the course of completing course 3 I have been creating a course guide with a similar look to the existing ones for courses 1 & 2, using a handy guide that Vaughan was writing up on the old forum and updating it with other words that were randomly thrown in to the lessons without introduction (a brilliant idea by the way!). I’m up to lesson 19 at the moment, but I have a comprehensive list of the previous 18 lessons so far. What I intended to do, was put the finished guide forward to Aran (as a PDF file) for his approval and he could add it to the site if he wishes to. For now, I can try and send the draft copy to you sometime later today, just I’m at work at the moment!

Have you seen the link on the Course 3 homepage that goes directly to Hywel’s post here listing all of the Course 3 South content? Ignore me if that’s not what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:


So what happens when you finish Cwrs 3 then? What do you do at that stage? How good should you be at Welsh?

I am currently on Cwrs 2, Lesson 14 (which is a tough cookie…)

I have been listening to every Lesson twice in Cwrs 2 in an effort to not miss anything. I think I might need to do Lesson 14 a few times, though.

It depends how much you practice. You should know a reasonable amount, but it requires actually speaking to people on a semi regular basis to ever be good at using what you know. Your grasp of grammar should be approximately at the same level as somebody doing the Canolradd course; much of it involves learning how to use short forms of verbs (things like I went rather than I did go), with a little extra vocabulary added in. There are things in the new Level 1 that aren’t even covered in course 3, for example; such as I would like (hoffwn i/liciwn i), so I’d definitely advise taking a look at that if you haven’t already. Also, it’s worth reading more at that stage, just to pick up more vocabulary (it helps if it’s written by someone who speaks the same dialect you do, but there seem to be far more books written in Northern Welsh than Southern), and watching S4C if you don’t already. For the latter, it’ll take a while before you understand properly, but it’s worth it. Just a pity there’s such a small selection of things to watch.

Having finished Course 3, I’m tempted to start doing a Canolradd course at some point; primarily to improve my vocabulary, but also to help me get to grips with the kind of Welsh you typically heard on the news and read in official press releases and the like; that is, the kind of Welsh you’ll almost never use in conversation.

After I finished south Wales Course 1, I did do the New south Wales Levels 1-12 (where the south Wales levels end). I then proceeded onto Course 2.

I did try switching to north Welsh New Level 1 for the remaining courses which weren’t available on the south Wales version, but I found it too different and so didn’t do them. Once they are available in south Welsh I will definitely do them.

What I have been doing, though, is listening to New Level 1 course 12 every now and then whilst I am progressing through Old Course 2. I am hoping that it keep me reminded of the new words and patterns so that when I return to it it won’t be as much of a shock.

It won’t be that much of a shock, I don’t think; a lot of the vocabulary from what’s available in Level 1 is also used in course 2. There’s still stuff that I prefer to use the Course 2 way to the Level 1 way (for example, I prefer to say mod i rather than bo’ fi). Some things, however, won’t be used - short forms, for instance. That said, if you practice them yourself, you won’t have any trouble. It might be worth redoing lesson 12 every now and then just to keep it fresh while you wait. Not too often, but every week or so should help. Also, it’s well worth doing the northern listening practice while you wait for the southern one to be done; it’ll help you get used to understanding both.

Many thanks, Chris. That’s really helpful. Diolch!