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I recently got a 5s iPhone as I wanted to get the lessons on to it as opposed to them being on the iPod. However our Mac is 7 years old and can’t get the lessons on to my phone from it.
I then hoped I could download them onto our iPad mini, but I can’t get the lessons to download on to it either
I think the iPad is my best option).
Not sure if anyone can help, diolch

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Did you try downloading the app? From that you can download the lessons directly.

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Apart from doing it via the SSiW app, you could download it via a browser on the ipad directly onto your ipad and then play via whatever app you use to play mp3 files on your ipad

Thanks for bringing this in here, Peter! And I see you’ve already had more informed input than I could have provided… :sunny:

Let us know if Troy and Louis have helped cracked this for you - if not, we’ll keep on trying… :sunny;

While we’re on the subject, @aran, is there any advantage to having the ap on an ipad other than portability? Can it do anything that my laptop can’t? I haven’t tried to download it because I presumed it couldn’t do anything new and I’m happy with the laptop! (Whereas I still have trouble getting my finger to tell the ipad what I want it to do, Janet says I don’t hit it right but…???) :angry:

I don’t have an iPad, so I’m afraid that’s very much terra incognita for me. But if you’re happy playing the lessons as you are now, I can’t see what would be better if you access them in a different way…

I have the app downloaded on my phone. I have them on my laptop as well. With the exception of differing in appearance, they are identical. The primary reasons why I have the app are: 1) easier to download the lessons when I need them instead of hooking up my phone and transferring files when I am ready for them. (prevents me from using up a big chunk of my phone’s memory, 2) portability. If you use your ipad while away from home (travelling with the ipad but not a computer), it is very convenient.


Brilliant - thanks for that, Troy :sunny: :thumbsup:

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That was very helpful, Troy! Truly! Because I don’t travel, so there would be no benefit for me!! (Whereas having three Geiriadur aps is very handy!)

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