Leigh halfpenny

Leigh Halfpenny:
"As a proud Welshman I am ashamed to say I don’t speak Welsh and that is something I will try to rectify.”

Yes, I read that too and I was wondering if anyone knows how to send him the link to SSiW :smile:

I always thought Leigh can speak Welsh as many of his team mates can like Adam Jones, Jamie Roberts, George North and likes.

Why don’t you try twitter for posting link to him @LeighHalfpenny1 It might not even be so bad idea at all. Telling him the whole crowd of people from allover the World who are even not Welsh at all learn Welsh this way on here he might even see a chance and make a deceision to learn Welsh prior to French. :slight_smile:

Do you know what? I’ve just posted two tweets to him inviting him to come here and learn! Now it might nothing happen but … you never know.

:star: Cŵl!!!

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Hvala, Tatjana! It’s always a whole lot more powerful coming from someone who is just sharing what works, rather than someone (like Aran or me) who might benefit from the advice.

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“Ni za kaj.” we would say in Slovenia.

I just hope we get some kind of response. I’d be the happiest person if every single Welsh person would speak/write Welsh especially people like Halfpenny.

I’m doing my best to spread the word and making people want to learn Welsh.

So … Croeso! mae yn ateb o fi.