Lefel 2, wythnos 20

OMG! How amazing does Y Gwyll look? Searched for it on iPlayer in S4C section but no sign. Is it going to be released soon or have I already missed it?

I can’t see iPlayer but I have to say on S4C Clic it has been on for a few months and…uh sorry to say it’s just gone! :slightly_frowning_face:
(However I’m pretty sure sooner or later it will be back and there are also DVDs available).
p.s. assuming we’re talking about the Welsh version, cause the English is probably still on on Netflix but not very useful for improving the language!

@gisella-albertini, yes meant the Welsh. Gutted if I’ve missed it but will have to wait for dvd!

Well it’s not a new series, it was a replay so I suppose the DVD already exists (if they did one)!

Really? I had no idea. Reminds me of Broadchurch but no idea if it’s the same at all. Will definitely have to keep my eye out for dvd then xx

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Yes I think they have something in common too!
When you look for the DVD remember there’s two different versions of the series - one in English (it was called Hinterland here, and I guess also worldwide but not sure. i saw it on Netflix.) and one in Welsh (Y Gwyll), so make sure to get the right one! :wink:

Thanks, will do xx

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I have a DVD. You are welcome to borrow it. I think it is the first series. PM me if you want it and I will post it to you.

Thanks, hun! Will see if I have any success finding it online or whatever first and let you know xx

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Ok, do come back to me if you can’t find it. Good luck! :hugs:

Thank you so much xx